Allen Bill Information

Instructions for Applying for Enrollment Under the Allen Bill in Glendora USD


  • Parent’s place of employment MUST be located within the boundaries of Glendora USD – no exceptions.



  • Provide an employment verification letter from the parent’s supervisor.  This letter must confirm: 1. parent works at the physical address located within the boundaries of Glendora USD 2. parent is considered a permanent employee of that business, and 3. the number of hours per week parent works at that address.  The letter must be an original, on company stationery, dated, with an original signature from parent’s supervisor.  We cannot accept copies of any kind.


  • Provide a copy of parent’s most recent paystub.  Feel free to black out any financial information on the paystub parent does not feel comfortable sharing, but it must show parent’s name, the date of the paystub, and that parent is paid by the company located within our boundaries. 


  • If parent owns a business located within Glendora USD, we will need a copy of parent’s current business license. This license must list parent as owner, and show the address of parent’s business located within the boundaries of Glendora USD.  We will not accept copies of expired business licenses. If parent does not have a current business license, you will need to wait to apply until you have one. Note: It is not necessary for parent to provide a supervisor letter/pay stub if you own a business within Glendora USD boundaries.


  • Once your paperwork is complete, please drop it off or send it via U.S. mail to: (Note: you may not fax or email your paperwork.)


Glendora Unified School District

Attn: Trish Hawkins, Educational Services

500 North Loraine Avenue

Glendora, CA. 91741


  • After the required paperwork is received, we will begin the process of considering your student for enrollment. Please note: Glendora USD is not required to admit a student to a specific school or program. Placement is based upon space availability in a school and/or District program. We make every effort to place your student(s) at one of your school choices, but we may be unable to accommodate your request due to lack of space at those sites or in a particular program.    In addition, although we make every effort to keep changes to a minimum, there are no guarantees on your school site assignment due to ongoing changes in school site space availability before the start of each school year.   Changes may also be made to your child’s assignment during the first 15 days of any school year. 


  • You will be notified in writing once your child has been accepted under the Allen Bill and assigned to a school.  You may not register until you receive this letter.  If you attempt to register on-line before you receive an acceptance letter, your registration will be deleted, and you will have to re-enter your information once you are accepted.


  • If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact Trish Hawkins at 626/963-1611, X1206.