GUSD Mission, Beliefs, & Goals

Mission Statement
The Glendora Unified School District equips our students with knowledge, skills, and character to succeed in college, career, and life in an ever-changing global society.

Belief Statements
1. Students are our greatest priority.
2. All people have the right to a safe, nurturing, and secure environment.
3. All people deserve a quality education.
4. Successful education is the shared responsibility of the parents, students, educators and community.
5. Challenges that lead to successful experiences build feelings of confidence and self-worth.
6. Education is a foundation for individual freedom, responsibility, justice and democracy.
7. Education empowers students to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world.

Three-Year Goals
2018-2021 * not in priority order
  • Increase the amount of and access to technology
  • Improve facilities
  • Improve and create internal and external communication
  • Create a safe school environment
  • Maintain financial stability and sustainability