Adult ESL Program

Welcome To Our Adult ESL Web Page

Our students come from many different countries, and they bring with them their own customs, ideas, values, and dreams.  Our ESL program aims to help our students get the language and cultural skills they need for their everyday life in order to make their new life in the US easier and help make their dreams come true.  These skills make it possible for them to

  • manage daily needs including answering the telephone, making appointments, seeing a doctor, shopping, getting a driver license, ... etc.,

  • communicate with their children's teachers,

  • assist  their children with homework,

  • acquire skills to get a job or a better job,

  • acquire language proficiency and skills to prepare for getting a better or higher education,

  • gain language proficiency to pass the citizenship test.

 We know how important these goals are for our students, so we want to help them reach their goals


Our Classes and Staff


 We have one multi-level morning class that meets every day Monday through Friday from 8:45 to 11:45 a.m. The class is divided into three levels: beginning, intermediate, and lower advanced. We are located at Williams Education Center, Adult Education Building, room 4.



Teacher: Olga Habayeb Instructional Aide: Debbie Walter
How To Register

Simply come to the ESL class, room 4, and you can register right away. Admission to the class is open all year. You will have a brief interview with the teacher in order to place you at the appropriate level. You will also take a written test after a couple of days.
For More Information
Call (626) 852-4558 and ask for Olga (between 9:00 – 12:00).
Call (626) 852-4550 and ask for Margaret.