Adult Education

Adult Education:

301 S. Loraine Avenue
Glendora, CA 91741

(626) 852-4511

Whitcomb HS: (626) 852-4550

Williams Educ. Center: (626) 852-4586

It is the goal of Glendora Adult School to encourage the development of life-long learning skills. In good times or bad, it is always a good idea to advance our educational levels so as to keep up with the demands of an increasingly sophisticated job market. One of our principal goals at Glendora Adult School is to assist our students in becoming more marketable regardless of the economic outlook.


The Glendora Adult School provides the opportunities for adults to earn their high school diploma or receive assistance in passing the GED test. In addition, English learners can strive to become proficient with their communication skills in the English language. Parent Education offers an opportunity for parents to enhance their parenting skills.


Earning a high school diploma is very important and we encourage students who desire to complete their high school education to begin today. Come and experience new opportunities at the Glendora Adult School to enhance your life, both personally and professionally.