GATE Standards

On October 10, 2001, the California Department of Education (CDE) adopted the Recommended Standards for Programs for Gifted and Talented Students. These standards are the guiding force behind Glendora Unified School District’s GATE program and give credence to the well-researched clustering format utilized at the elementary and middle schools.

​In order to receive GATE funds from the State of California, each school must submit a GATE plan outlining their program and demonstrating how their program meets the Standards. This GATE plan can receive a one to three year approval. Our last GATE plan received the highest ranking of a three-year approval, and was re-written in June 2007. The Advisory Committee is involved in the writing and editing of that plan.

Because of the extreme cuts to education since 2009, all GATE funds may be swept into the general fund and used according to how the district sees fit. GUSD is still committed to serving GATE students amidst the recession, and continues to fund GATE activities though in a limited basis.
If you wish to access the GATE standards on the CDE website, click here: