A note of gratitude and new health order update Dr. Deleon

As we prepare for the upcoming school year and the return to the relative normalcy of full-time, in-person instruction, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the tremendous effort demonstrated by our staff to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and to ensure our students received the best possible educational experience.  Despite what, at times, seemed to be nearly insurmountable odds, we came together as a team and came through for our kids.  Many thanks to our teachers, counselors, school nurses, and classified support staff who provided the critical services needed during these trying times.  I also want to acknowledge the leaders across the district, especially site administration, who guided students, families, and staff through a very tough year.  It is their trust and credibility that made so many student-centered wins possible during the pandemic.  Thank you.
I also want to thank those who stepped up to serve our comprehensive summer school program this summer, whether a teacher, food service worker, custodian or school secretary.  With the goal of helping every child start the new school year on the right foot, GUSD hosted the largest summer program in memory, including multiple sessions, enrichment, and acceleration, and offering much-needed, flexible opportunities for our students and their families.  Our teachers worked especially hard to provide meaningful, engaging, and interactive lessons for students, including kites made out of plastic bags; learning about the plant life cycle by experimenting with how plants respond to various conditions; learning to be an artist and musician with real-world tools and returning to community-based education through exploration of the workplace.   And let's not forget the many district office teams, including our M & O team, I.T., Educational Services, H.R., and Business Services teams who have spent the summer completing extensive projects in preparation for the new school year.  Great work, everyone!
As we look to a better future, with our students back with us full-time where they belong, I want you to know we are here to listen, support you and look forward to getting to know each of you.  I hope you are well and enjoying some much-deserved time relaxing and reconnecting with family and friends. 
I have attached a letter regarding the new mask mandates, which will go out to families tonight.
Have a wonderful day!
In service,
Penelope DeLeon, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Glendora Unified School District
(626) 963-1611 ext. 1001